My Mom Tells Me That I'm a Catch

Bangarang, Peter Pan.

—Hook, 1991

6 Songs To Take You Into The Weekend

The Wind and The Wave- “My Mama Said Be Careful Where You Lay Your Head”

Young Rising Sons- “High”

Priory- “Weekend”

Ha Ha Tonka- “Usual Suspects”

ODESZA- ”Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren)”

Tom Odell- “Another Love (Zwette Edit)”

Whoops. I forgot to post things. How about some songs?

Smallpools- Dreaming

David Guetta & Showtek- Bad (feat. Vassy)

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band- Night Moves

Craig Campbell- Keep Them Kisses Comin’

Jamie N Commons & X Ambassadors- Jungle

John Mayer- XO

Nicki Minaj- Pills N Potions

Royksopp & Robyn- Do It Again

Tiesto feat. Icona Pop- Let’s Go



Last year I spoke with Lee regarding these ads. "36 Hours ‘til Monday" ran in a 1986 issue of M The Civilized Man and I wanted to know who the ad agency was.  They got back to me after a couple weeks and told me they knew nothing about the ad, photographer, models, zip.  This happens a lot more than you’d expect.  When it comes to ads,  retailers are notorious for lousy record keeping much less having an actual archives — I’m guessing Lee wouldn’t have any trouble finding out what EBITA was in 1986.  

The ads were done by the little known Tom McElligott of Fallon McElligott Rice and there’s loads more about Tom here in a wonderful piece by Dave Dye of Stuff from the Loft.  The Lee ads ran in a two page spread so the impact was impressive and, after almost 30 years, unforgettable.  

McElligott gave up the ad business at age 50.  But a college kid scored an interview with Tom who gives the very wise advice below. How I wish someone told me this 22 years ago: 

Don’t be distracted by anything. The work is what counts. There are a lot of things that can get in your way, that take up your time and your emotional and intellectual energy; none of them account for anything. They mean nothing. The only thing, in the final analysis, at this stage of the game, that really counts, is the work. The work is everything. The years that I spent in advertising I saw an awful lot of people who had the potential to be good lose a lot of their ability to distraction, to politics, to fear and to who has the bigger office. You’ll get the bigger office; you’ll make the money. Anything you want will happen, but sometimes it’s hard for people to see that when they’re in the middle of it. It looks like it’s incredibly complicated. Well, it’s not complicated at all. In fact, it’s so uncomplicated it’s amazing. All it is about is the work. Finally, if you do the work people will notice and you will get what you want. That’s it. It’s as simple as that.”

we all need reminders every so often.

My Vacation Soundtrack

Bleachers- I Wanna Get Better

We Are Twin- The Way We Touch

Peter Gabriel- Solsbury Hill

Sam Smith- Stay With Me

Kongos- Come With Me Now

Neon Trees- Sleeping With a Friend

The Wild Feathers- The Ceiling

I Went to the Gym Yesterday and Wore Pajamas

I haven’t stepped inside a gym since freshman year of college when I would spend 20 minutes on an elliptical and sit on a mat for another ten. I couldn’t even spell the word ‘elliptical’ just now- I relied on autocorrect. I’m a sham.

My CEO’s receptionist even asked why I was wearing pajamas in the office at the end of the day. Let’s be clear, I wasn’t fooling anyone. I spent 10 minutes of the 15 minute walk trying to figure out how I could get out of my promise to go with my coworker.

Honestly, though, for how much I whined, and how miserable I look in my photo, and how loudly I groaned at the Blink Gym employee who welcomed me, I felt better afterward. I even walked 14 blocks home when I got back to Hoboken and got a protein smoothie.

Today I ate 7 chicken nuggets, a dump of mac n’cheese, and gnawed on chips, though, so- two steps forward, one step back.

Oh, did I tell you I moved to Hoboken? And got promoted? And basically got my shit together? And am turning 27 soon?

Maybe another time.

I don’t often spend more than $10 or $12 on beauty products (Momma didn’t raise no fool), but there are two I use that are worth the money, hands down.

The first is They’re Real Mascara by Benefit. I love love love this mascara. I love mascara in general, and usually have about four different kinds on hand, but this is the best I’ve ever used. I’m always in search of the false eyelash look, and considering I’m too terrified to put glue anywhere near my eyeball (can you imagine?), this is a nice alternative. Plus, it deters me from curling my lashes, which, until recently, was a favorite pastime- albeit, a slightly dangerous one that cost me a few precious lashes.

The second beauty product I can always justify dolling out the dough for is perfume. I’ve had long standing love affairs with different kinds over the years, but none have ever “stuck” to become “my scent.” Now, I think I’ve finally found one: Oscar de la Renta’s Live to Love. It’s a nice mix of musk and floral, the bottle is super pretty, and even though it’ll cost a pretty penny, the scent lasts. It’s the kind of perfume that’s not overpowering, but perfect for nice occasions, or even just an everyday smell. The trick is finding it in stores. So far, I’ve only ever been able to track it down in Lord & Taylor.

So there you have it- the only two beauty products I’m willing to spend money on, perfume and mascara. Fake it till you make it.